Whitewater Rafting In Sautens, Ötztal, Tirol, Austria

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About This Tours Experience

Enjoy the best Wildwater Rafting with us in Tirol, Austria. Our outdoor camp is based in Sautens in the Ötz valley (Ötztal), in Tirol Austria. We offer rafting trips for as low as €54 per person. (prices are excluded of GetMyBoat.com fees and VAT).

All trips include: experienced and licensed Rafting Guides, all equipment and gear used on our rafting trips, and transfers from our camp to all the activities.

Meeting point for all the activities is always in our Outdoor Camp in Sautens.

Before you book your outdoor experience read the list below well and tell us in which rafting trip you are interested and mention it in the comment area in your booking so we can send you the right price offer. Thank you.


Hourly Trip

Whitewater Rafting Imster Gorge 

• Monday - Friday: €54 per person
• Saturday - Sunday: €57 per person

Whitewater Rafting Ötztaler Ache / for advanced rafters

• Monday - Friday: €69 per person
• Saturday - Sunday: €74 per person

Whitewater Rafting Sanna / for advanced rafters

• Monday - Friday: €74

Full Day Whitewater Rafting Trip

Whitewater Rafting Full Day Trip (including 1 hour break, campfire and lunch at the river bank)

• Monday-Friday: €95

Whitewater Rafting Combitour (Imster Gorge & Ötztaler Ache)

• Monday - Friday: €119
• Saturday - Sunday: €123


• 1 x Rafting Tour Imster Schlucht
• Taxi transfers from the base to the entry point
• Clean and disinfected whitewater
• Equipment State-approved boat leader
• Hot shower
• Free use of recreation grounds 

What You Can Expect :

Whitewater Rafting Imster Gorge: The Inn, Whitewater Level 2-3, the river in Europe with the ideal conditions for any adventurer. Beginners, companies, school classes, clubs, families, bachelor parties and all other persons are welcome to our family team. On this tour, we safely navigate with state-approved guides 14 km downstream. In an 8, 10 or 12 rafts the route leads through the breathtakingly beautiful scenery of the Imster Gorge. With a combined strength we paddle from the entrance in Imst with lots of fun and action to the exit in Haiming.

• Group discount: every 11th person is free
• Swimming Experience: Yes
• Rafting Experience: Not necessary
• Duration: 2-3 hours
• Route: approx. 14 km
• Time: 1. May to October 15th


Whitewater Rafting Ötztaler Ache: This trip is nothing for a warm shower. Only paddlers with experience in rafting, dare together with our state-approved guides this ride. The wild waters of the Ötztaler Ache demand all your efforts and demand a lot of strength. A mad tour that hunts the adrenaline through your body and the ultimate kick on one of the most beautiful whitewater streams in Europe.

• Group discount: every 11th person is free
• Swimming Experience: Yes
• Rafting experience: Yes
• Age: 16 years (accompanied)
• Duration: 2-3 hours.
• Distance: about 14 km, Ötz - Haiming (WW III-V)
• Time: 16 May to 30 September


Whitewater Rafting Sanna: The Sanna has the difficulty of WW III-V. There is no opportunity to admire the marvelous landscape on the first trip, as it goes from one challenging point to the next, hardly any time to breathe, white water and pure adrenaline. Although the distance is nearly as long as the Ötztaler Ache, we need only half the journey time, so it is also worth the trip twice.

• Group discount: every 11th person is free
• Swimming Experience: Yes
• Rafting Experience: Yes
• Duration: 1-1.5 hours
• Route: Pians to Landeck
• Time: 16 May to 30 August


Whitewater Rafting Full Day Trip: A trip for all connoisseurs among the paddlers. This tour guarantees fun, excitement, action and enjoyment all day long. From the entrance near Landeck, it goes down the river past the mountains. The  Inn shows you all its beauty. From the boat, you can marvel at the shores with its varied flora and fauna. Halfway, we set out to strengthen ourselves with food and drink before we go on again and we conquer the Imster Gorge. Only bookable from Monday to Friday.

• Swimming Experience: Yes
• Rafting Experience: No
• Duration: 5.5 - 6 hours.
• Distance: 30 km, Starkenbach - Haiming (WW II-III)
• Time: 1 May to 15 October
• Minimum number of participants: 6 persons


Whitewater Rafting Combitour (Imster Gorge & Ötztaler Ache): Here you will experience rafting for a whole day. After the "Einsteigertour" on the Imster Gorge, you have a good grip on the boat and the paddle and are ready for more. The second rafting tour on the Ötztaler Ache demands a lot of strength and know-how. This combination offer promises besides fun and a lot of action also a beautiful natural experience. The tours can also be divided into 2 days.

• Swimming Experience: Yes
• Rafting Experience: No
• Age: from 16 years
• Time: May 15th to September 30th

• 1 x rafting tour Imster Schlucht
• Duration: 2-3 hours
• Route: approx. 14 km, Imst - Haiming (WW II-III)

• 1 x Rafting Tour Ötztaler Ache
• Duration: 2-3 hours
• Route: approx. 14 km, Ötz - Haiming (WW IV-V)

Happy Rafting !! Hope to see you soon in Sautens. 


  • Type: Tours
  • Capacity: 50 People
  • Year: 2017
  • Rental Minimum: 7 days
  • Cancellation: Full Refund 21 Days Prior

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Whitewater Rafting In Sautens, Ötztal, Tirol, Austria
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We had an awesome time! We will definitely be back for more! Next time, canyoning will definitely be on the list, along with more rafting...of course. Thank you so very much for a great experience. Also. Even though my girlfriend and I were the only native English speakers on the tour, the staff went out of their way, accommodating us by, asking for volunteers from the group of other clients (who were mostly, or all Austrian or German, that understood spoke English) if they would be willing to take the tour in English. To which to our delight, many agreed to. We had an awesome time, and made some great new friends. I am now intent on learning to speak German. You guys are awesome. Thank you again!

August 2017
5.00 5

A morning of well organised safe fun Thankyou - Dankeschon

June 2017

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