Can I decline booking requests?

Yes, you can decline booking requests from both our website and mobile app. Please be sure to decline requests as soon as possible so we can help travelers find an alternative. If you're unavailable due to boat problems or another booking, please be sure to block off these dates on your calendar.


What if my guest doesn’t show up for their reservation?

If you're worried about your guest not remembering about an upcoming booking, we suggest reaching out the week of the booking to confirm location, time, and point of contact.

In the event that your guest is late, you can send them a message on GetMyBoat or call the number shown on the booking confirmation.

You may also wish to work out an alternative date or time with a customer. If you get in contact with the guest and reschedule for a different date, then be sure to update your GetMyBoat calendar so the date cannot be requested by another guest. Please also contact our customer support team at so we can make a note on your account. GetMyBoat will release your payout within 30 days of the original reservation complete date.

If the guest does not show, then GetMyBoat will honor the cancellation policy set in your listing at the time the reservation was approved. To receive the funds from the cancellation fee your payout information must be entered to your account. GetMyBoat has up to 30 days to release your cancellation payout.


Can I change a reservation as an owner?

If you need to make changes to your confirmed booking, please contact our team at and we can assist.


How do I create an offer for a guest?

See video tutorial here