Syncing your GetMyBoat Calendar allows clients to easily see when your craft is available to book and when it is already reserved.

To start, in the edit screen of your boat listing, click the ‘Availability’ tab.

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, below the calendar.

Click ‘View Calendar Sync Options’

There are step by step instructions here to import your calendar. Let’s go through it now:

• Go to your Google Calendar
• In the drop down menu next to your boat’s calendar, select ‘Share the Calendar’
• Ensure the calendar is set to ‘Public’ and click ‘Save’
• In Calendar Settings, scroll to the green iCal button and copy the link
• Paste the iCal link here and select sync

You can view your calendar to ensure syncing occurred correctly and can also preview your listing to view how your calendar availability will appear to other users.

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