Emily from GetMyBoat shows how easy it is to create and display unique pricing for your boat through GetMyBoat.

How to Create Custom Pricing Displays

To create custom pricing periods, go to the pricing tab in the boat edit screen.

Here you will see the price your boat is currently displaying as.

You can set other pricing increments by selecting per week or hour and inputting the appropriate price.

To create custom pricing time periods click: “Discount for custom time periods or per person price?”

Here you can create as many custom prices as you please.

For example, if you have varying rates for 2, 3 and 4 day rentals, simply input the rate for 2 days, then click the + button to add another price section. To delete specific rates you created, simply click the X next to the specific rate.

The same can be done for hourly rates.

Another option is per person pricing.

Input the rate for one person and indicate the duration of time this rate is for.

If you do not wish to offer your craft in hourly, daily, or per person custom increments, simply uncheck the box next to it. The rates will be deleted and will not display on your boats listing.

Questions? Contact us at support@getmyboat.com