The calendar feature is perfect for displaying dates your boat is already booked and can also be used to create unique rates for weekend or seasonal pricing.


Using the Calendar Feature to Create Unique Pricing

From the availability tab in the edit screen, select a day on the calendar to open the calendar menu.

Give the dates a label so you can easily identify them when you look at your calendar. This label will only be viewable to you.

Choose whether this date is available or Not Available.

If you are creating weekend or seasonal pricing, choose the start and end dates and times.

Click ‘Repeats’ and another item appears in which you can select if the unique pricing will occur weekly, monthly or annually. 

Choose an end date, or, if these rates continue year round, leave it blank.

Enter the appropriate rate and select set.

Your rates will now appear on your calendar.

Preview your listing and select dates on the calendar that match with the unique pricing dates you have created.

This is how the price change will appear to clients.

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