Jet skis or Sea-Doos as they are called, are personal watercraft designed for endless fun and entertainment, whether you’re on the open ocean, a lake, or a river. They are perfect for a weekend up on the lake, a few hours of entertainment if you’re on vacation on the coast, or even as a vehicle for a tour around a body of water.

Choosing a jet ski to rent

There are different styles and sizes of jet skis to accommodate anywhere from 1-3 passengers, and the design can be for seated riders or standing. There are many different makes and models to choose from, like Kawasaki, Sea-Doo, and Yamaha Waverunners just to name a few. If you have a preference, you can see the make and model before you select the jet ski to rent.

When selecting a jet ski rental, some factors to consider are the duration of rental, price, size, and style of watercraft. When you arrange to rent a jet ski with the owner, make sure you coordinate location for pickup, ask if fuel is included in the rental price, and discuss any other questions you may have. Regulations for age and licensing requirements for renting a jet ski vary by state and country, so be sure to inquire to make sure you can legally rent a jet ski in your location.

Top destinations for jet ski rentals

Searching for a jet ski rental near you? Some places in the world are more popular for jet skiing than others, but it's always a fun activity no matter what body of water you're on.

If you’re headed to a top destination for a jet ski rental, be sure to check out your options and book a personal watercraft during your vacation.

Miami Beach and Miami Jet Ski Rentals

It’s no secret that Miami Beach is the perfect destination for renting a jet ski. There are tons of different types of jet skis to choose from, for rentals for a few hours or even an entire week. For a vacation in the sun, check out jet ski availability for fun with your family or friends. On a jet ski tour, you can see highlights of Miami like the downtown skyline, Star Island, South Beach, Fisher Island, or stop off at a sandbar to join a party. You may even see dolphins or manatees during your jet ski tour around Miami.

Miami Jet Ski Rentals

Rent a Jet Ski in San Diego

Want to admire the coastline of La Jolla, cruise around the Bay and admire the stunning views of San Diego by jet ski? Rent a jet ski during a visit to San Diego for some adventure on the water in Southern California. Jet skis are perfect for a San Diego excursion, whether you’re visiting on your travels or are a local and want to experience this thrilling water activity. Rent a jet ski in San Diego with your friends and explore Mission Beach and other hotspots around San Diego.

Fort Lauderdale Jet Ski Rentals

Fort Lauderdale is another excellent destination in southern Florida to rent a jet ski. Jet ski rentals and tours in Fort Lauderdale will let you explore the waterways and cruise around the waves for hours of adrenaline-pumping fun in the sun. See the “Venice of America” on your jet ski rental with your friends or family. Book a jet ski tour or rental to get a whole new look at Fort Lauderdale.

Chicago Jet Ski Rentals

During the summer months, renting a jet ski in Chicago is the perfect way to enjoy the city. Explore Lake Michigan at high speeds or casually cruise the Chicago River, admiring the skyscrapers from the perspective of the water. You can book a jet ski tour in Chicago and experience the lake or the river and for hours of fun in the sunshine.

South Padre Island Jet Ski Rentals

Want to cruise this popular Texas Spring Break destination on a jet ski rental? We've got awesome jet skis available on South Padre Island, starting at $120/hour for a two-seater jet ski. It's the perfect way to spend an afternoon, or multiple days of your vacation when visiting South Padre Island.

Lake Travis Jet Ski Rentals

Located just outside of Austin, Texas, Lake Travis is a summertime favorite for locals and visitors and is an excellent destination for boating and jet ski rentals. Fly through the waves of this lake on a jet ski with your friends, experiencing Lake Travis the way it's meant to be. It can be a cheap activity to do too - jet ski rentals on Lake Travis can be found for as little as $75/hour or $400 for a full day.

Lake Norman Jet Ski Rentals

A gem of North Carolina, Lake Norman is an excellent destination for boating and jet ski rentals. Here, you'll cruise the shoreline and fly through the waves, exploring Lake Norman the way it's meant to be. Rent a jet ski on Lake Norman for as low as $135/hour for a two-seater jet ski. Have fun with your friends or partner exploring Lake Norman on a jet ski.

Jet Ski Lake Norman Rental.jpg

Lake Powell Jet Ski Rentals

Need a way to cool off from the unbearable Arizona sun? What better way than on a jet ski rental on Lake Powell? This lake is a favorite spot for boating and jet skiing, with rentals available starting at $250/hour. Rent a jet ski on Lake Powell during a vacation in Arizona for an experience you'll never forget.

Jet ski rentals and experiences with GetMyBoat

Safety is always an important priority when renting a jet ski. Even if you’ve rented a jet ski before or have operated one in the past, make sure you go over all the controls with the captain before cruising off into the waves. If you’re unsure or would like extra practice, you can book jet ski lessons with GetMyBoat to learn how to safely operate and maneuver your jet ski.

jet ski rentals with getmyboat

Another rental option for jet ski enthusiasts is a jet ski tour. Instead of just flying around the waves for fun, consider renting a personal watercraft and following a guide around rivers, islands, mangroves, or other interesting bodies of water near you. You can learn about the local ecology or stop at secret spots only the locals know about.

Jet Ski rentals available near you

Want to find the perfect jet ski to rent on your next day off, for a weekend or any other reason? Head to our jet ski search page or download the GetMyBoat app to see what’s available!